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Send Delicious Cakes Online

Is it your birthday? Did you get a promotion? Is it your anniversary? Well then you definitely need a cake for any special occasion as has been an age-old tradition that began in the western hemisphere and found its way to this side of the Earth. A cake cutting ceremony is what is required in any major event or celebration and we can help you do it. Now you can buy best cakes online and have them delivered with our online cake delivery. All you have to do is let us know the flavour and weight of the cake required and provide us with the message and delivery address and then wait for it to reach your doorstep.

Pineapple, strawberry, chocolate, black forest, vanilla, red velvet, plum cakes, cheese cakes, are a few to name. They can be regular cakes, eggless cakes, in different shapes or in a combo with flowers too. They are also sorted by weight depending on the number of people that need to be served. You can send cakes online across India from any city to any city with a click of a button. We guarantee the freshness and quality of the cakes. We can also put on personalized messages on the cake for the receiver of the cakes. With our wide variety of choices the only problem you will face is which cake to choose from.

A cake is what everyone craves for. No matter what celebration it may be it just seems incomplete without a cake. This is something that brings people from every corner of the room to a single place to come and cut and have a piece of. They create an environment of happiness and joyfulness. You can even order cakes online and wait for them at the comfort of your home with our cakes instant delivery. So why not buy cake online and not worry about going to place an order days before when you can do it from your very own bed.

Send cakes online in India where people can find any excuse to cut a cake and celebrate. With so many people in our friend circle these days we see ourselves at a birthday party every month. Don’t have a gift to give to someone? Well order a cake for them online from our portal and have it delivered at their address at the specific day and time. So what are you waiting for? Go on and select your cake and order now.

A Lovely Treat For Your Taste Buds!

Cakes are lovely treats which can please individuals of all age groups. If you have a companion who lives far from you, treat him with tasty cakes from our online portal. You can get an online cake delivery anywhere in India to let your adored know that even that you are far from him but despite everything you don't miss the opportunity to convey on your lovely wishes. With tastes propelled from all over, the gathering is without a doubt flexible, and there's something for everybody.

When it is a special festival like Birthday or Marriage Anniversary, cake cutting function is a necessary part, and if you don't wish to go out in traffic just to purchase or order a cake. You can simply order cake online with Shopcrazzy.com, who will deal with everything, you should only clicking and select the cake which you likes and get relief from facing things like traffic, parking, and a considerable amount of time. The crinosity of the cakes will get you played. Only a bite wouldn't be sufficient, satisfy your taste buds entirely with our delicious cakes and celebrate the extraordinary moment with a considerable amount of fun and satisfaction. We can also put on personalized messages on the cake for the one who receives the cakes.

Taste our fine and rich chocolatey surprise from Shopcrazzy with our delicious chocolate cakes or even the top-notch various varieties of cake from our Cake range. The options are interminable, and you can buy cakes online at our website. Some of our cakes join a stand that supports it, and this adds elegance and appeal to any event as it looks astonishing. To take into account the necessities of our clients, we have different fascinating types of cakes which relates to flavour (Round Strawberry cake, Black forest cake, Pineapple cake and much more) and by types (eggless cakes, heart cake, black forest round shape cake and much more).  Some of our cakes join a stand that backings it and this adds elegance and charms to any event as it looks mind-blowing. In India, the tradition of festivals is intermittent. Wouldn't it be awesome to purchase cakes online and pamper your friends and family and at only a single tick? We are always being present for your service and send cakes online at the door of your friends and family in a matter of a couple of hours. Isn't it precious to express the dialect of your love in such a great way? Have confidence in our caring and helpful team of experts which are always under the endeavours of conveying your love to your near and dear ones as gifts.

Online cake delivery is now a day utilized search term, particularly during festive seasons and some specialized days like birthday, valentines day and marriage anniversary. Shopcrazzy is a best online store to buy a cake in India associated with only a click from anyplace in the World. Now you can send cakes, or in short, send your feelings anywhere in India with same day and midnight delivery options.

Online Cake Delivery – Celebrate Your Life with Cakes

Whether it is about celebrating the birthday of a child or enjoying a corporate party, you always need to look for something delicious i.e. cakes. There is no doubt that cakes have become an essential part of any event and celebration. Whether you are looking for birthday cakes or wedding anniversary cakes, you can easily find out plenty of choices to choose from.

Do you want to get cakes delivered at your home? If yes, then we at Shopcrazzy come with an assortment of different types, sizes, weight, tastes of cakes online. If you want to make your special day even more special, our online cake delivery service can help you accomplishing the goal.

How Online Cake Delivery Can Help You?

Days are gone when you had to visit at a local confectionary to choose a cake for a certain celebration. Now, with the advent of internet and online cake delivery, you can easily get a cake delivered at your doorstep. Online cake booking has become the easiest way to get a cake delivered at your home or office. So, if you don’t want to spend hours on searching cakes of your choice, you need to look at nowhere else but cake delivery on the internet.

It is often seen that many contemporary individuals don’t have time to go out for cake shopping. Thus, they prefer choosing cake home delivery. If you don’t want to get involved into hectic process of buying cakes from traditional cake stores, you need to look at nowhere else but Shopcrazzy. We at Shopcrazzy have a big assortment of delicious cakes. You can easily send a cake to your loved ones choosing our cake home delivery service.

Order Cake Online for Delivery

Whether you are looking for personalized cakes online or birthday cakes for children, you can easily order cake online for delivery at Shopcrazzy. If you want to buy cake online, we at Shopcrazzy have a big assortment of cakes to choose from.

There is no doubt that you would always like to save your time whether it is about buying a product or choosing a service. The same situation can also be observed when it comes to buying a cake online. If you order cake online, you can easily save lots of your time. With our online cake delivery service, you can easily send cake online with least efforts.

Why Should I Buy Cake Online?

 However, it is true that ordering cakes online is getting real popularity among contemporary cake lovers, but still there are a few people who are skeptic about online cake delivery services. If you are also assuming that buying and sending cakes online can be a tough task to accomplish, you need to get rid of this assumption.

 If you buy cake online, you can easily send cake online to your loved ones. Now, come to this question why exactly you should choose an online home cake delivery service. Actually, the key reason behind the increasing demand and popularity of online cakes delivery service is that you can choose cake same day delivery option.

Where Can I Send Cakes Online?

 If you reside in Delhi and want to send a cake to someone who lives in Delhi, you will surely find traditional cake delivery services useless. This is the point where you need to look for online cake delivery. Whether you reside in Lucknow or Delhi or anywhere in India, you are always able to send cakes online. We at Shopcrazzy have a wide pan India network to deliver ordered cakes online.

So, whether you order cakes online in Lucknow or cake delivery in Delhi, we at Shopcrazzy are always ready to help you. Our online cakes in Mumbai service can help you sending cakes to location in Mumbai.

 Can I Buy Cakes at Best Prices?

Whether it is about buying a birthday cakes or anniversary cakes online, you always want to end up with the best option. It means that you want to buy cakes at best prices. So, the easiest answer to above asked question is yes, you can easily buy chocolate cakes online or pineapple cake online to buy online cakes of your choice.

Whether you are looking for cakes for corporate party celebration or best birthday cakes, we at Shopcrazzy.com are always ready with plenty of choices. Our online birthday cakes collection can help you choosing one of the best birthday cakes for kids online.

 What Is Midnight Cake Delivery?

Actually, midnight cake delivery means when an individual want to send a cake to someone special at midnight. One of the key reasons behind growing demand and popularity of online cakes delivery is that it can help you sending cakes at midnight to anyone you love and care about. So, whether you are looking for kids birthday cakes online or birthday cakes for girl, you will always find Shopcrazzy a right online cake store to go with. Now never miss the chance to surprise your loved ones through our midnight cake delivery service because a cake is delivered best when it is delivered as a surprise.

Do You Want Designer Cakes Online?

You must have heard a lot about designer outfits in vogue. Have you ever heard about designer cakes? Yes, we at Shopcrazzy.com come with a massive collection of designer cakes online to buy. Here, choosing a designer cake simply means choosing a cake with specific design. However, it is true that you want to buy a delicious cake online, but it doesn’t mean that you want to ignore the importance of appearance. Thus, you would surely like to choose a good-looking cake online.

So, choosing birthday cake with photo or cake with photo online can help you buying distinct cakes. There is an increasing demand of buying photo cake online. If you are going to order birthday cake online, you should not forget unveiling the opportunity of personalized birthday cakes.

How to Buy 1st Birthday Cake for My Child?

Are you going to celebrate the first birthday of your little champ? If yes, then you would surely like to make this special moment of your life even more memorable and special. There could be various things that you want to choose your child’s birthday a memorable event of your life, but the most important one is the birthday cake for child. If you are looking for the 1st birthday cake for your child, you need to look at nowhere else but an online cake shop. We at Shopcrazzy are considered as the best online cake service provider in India. Whether you are looking for custom cakes online or Eggless cake online, we at Shopcrazzy have tons of choices to offer you.

If you are going to celebrate the birthday of your child with family members only, you can order for a half kg cake online. Moreover, if you want to decorate the cake, you can choose a cake with flowers. While looking for children birthday cakes online in India, you should not forget taking a few things into consideration.


  • Since you are going to choose a birthday cake for child, you should not forget getting it customized accordingly. For instance, you can get a cartoon pictured on the cake.

  • While buying a birthday cake for a child, you should not forget asking his special requirements. Thus, you need to get a child birthday cake personalized.

  • Get a cake decorated according to the special requirements of a child. For instance, you can get your child’s name erected on the cake.

    Cakes for Special Events - Mother’s Day, Father’s Day & Valentine’s Day

India is a land of festivals, events and celebration. So, if you want to choose a cake according to a specific event, we at Shopcrazzy.com have lots of cake collections to unveil. For instance, if you are looking for cakes online for Valentine’s Day celebration, you can consider heart shape cakes online. We have a big collection of cakes according to the specific events such as mother’s day, father’s day, children day, and many more.

Our online cake delivery facility can help you choosing a cake according to the specific event. We have a wide collection of mother's day cakefathers day cake and cakes for Hindu festivals such as Holi, cakes for Diwali and many more.

How Many Types of Cakes Can I Buy Online?

Whether it is about buying a birthday cake for child or anniversary cake for wife/girlfriend, you would always like to end up with a delicious choice. Now, the question arises here how to choose one of the best cakes online in India. For this, you need to do nothing else but unveil a big collection of cakes at Shopcrazzy. So, let’s check out many types of cakes you can buy online.

Buy Fruit Cake Online

Fruit cakes are considered among the best selling cakes online. Whether it is about impressing girlfriend or enjoying a party with close friends, buying fruit cake online can always be a great decision. If you are fruit lover and can't celebrate any occasion without the flavours of some fresh fruits then our fresh fruit cake can be the perfect choice for you as it is topped with some delicious and nutricious fruits at the top and spongy and creamy base which on the whole creates an amazing experince for your taste buds.

 Buy Chocolate Cake Online

If you want to buy a cake that should mesmerize everyone, you need to look at nowhere else but a big collection of chocolate cake online. We at Shopcrazzy have a big collection of chocolate cakes to buy online. The best part of buying chocolate cakes from Shopcrazzy is that you can easily unveil great benefits. There is no doubt that chocolate cakes are considered as the best choice to go with when it comes to buying quality-oriented cakes online and at our online store we have entire variety of chocolate cakes in different shapes like squre shape cake, round shape chocolate cake, rectangle shape chocolate cakes and heart shape cakes to suit your requirements.  

Buy Truffle Cake Online

If you are looking for a distinct cake choice, you need to look at nowhere else but truffle cake. It is considered among the best cakes when it comes to making a special day ever more special. Those who prefer darker chocolate cake with dense choco layering then look no further because a regular chocolate cake won't satisfy your taste buds and you will be left wanting more. So, just book a truffle cake online from our online portal and enjoy the breath taking taste of amazing chocolicious truffle cake.

Buy Pineapple Cake Online

Do you love pineapple? If yes, then you would surely like to choose a pineapple cake online when it comes to celebrating a special day or event in your life. Pineapple cakes are among the most delicious cakes available online to buy. We know that customers who like pineapple cakes dont go for any other type or flavours in cake and just because of this we have arranged an exclusive collection of some amazing pineapple cakes for you to choose from, so that no occasion is left un-enjoyable.

Buy Strawberry Cake Online

After chocolate cakes, strawberry cakes are considered as the most demanded cakes. Whether it is about celebrating birthday of a college friend or someone very special in your life, you would always find strawberry cake a great choice to go with. We mentioned college because it came to our knowledge that strawberry cakes are more popular among'st youngsters who are studying in schools and collages. There is a growing demand and likeness for strawberry cakes as it tastes great and even looks very attractive made in that lovely redish colour. 

Buy Vanilla Cake for Better Flavor

If you are looking for something distinct in terms of cake flavour, you need to buy vanilla cake online. You need to browse through our big collection of different types, sizes and weights of vanilla cakes online to buy at affordable price. People having or preferring a diffrerent taste in cakes would like the vanilla cake flavour and slowly it is becoming one of the favouries in the cake world as people are appreciating its flavour and taste.

Buy Black Forest Cake for Your Loved Ones

If you want to show your inner feelings and emotions for someone very special in your life, you need to send black forest cake online just to make them feel extra special. With the help of our online cake delivery service, you can easily send cakes to someone you really love and care about. Here we want to inform you that black forest cake is the one of the best selling cake among all online shop as well as through physical stores as it gives you amazing flavours in a single bite. You would love to order black forest cake from our online store with timely delivery services and makee the occasion even more special.

Buy Cake with Teddy for Your Child

There is no doubt that children always love cartoon characters such as teddy. If you want to make your child feel special on his big day, you need to buy a cake with teddy for him. You may decide to buy a cake with a lovely teddy and other combos like cake with flowers, cake wwith chocolates and more. according to your specific choice. This is also to be kept in mind that we also deliver our cake combos & hampers with sameday and midnight delivery.

Buy 1 Kg Cake to Enjoy Party with Your Friends

There could be various moments in your life when you want to spend time with your friends. You want to share and enjoy something special only with your special friends. If this is the case, you need to buy 1 kg cake online. There is no doubt that buying a 1 kg cake is enough to celebrate a party with your some friends. Unlike other we have a dedicated category for 1 kg cakes, 2 kg cakes and half kg cakes. You can simply click on one of the categories according to your requirement and enjoy your occasion with our best cake delivery services.

 Grab Best Deal on Buying Delicious Cakes Online

Whether you are looking for a cake to celebrate your wedding anniversary or a corporate party, you would always like to end up with the most delicious cakes online. Thus, if you want to buy delicious cakes online, you need to look at nowhere else but Shopcrazzy.com. We at Shopcrazzy.com would do our best to assist you grabbing the best deal on buying delicious cakes online.