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Cherry On Top Black Forest Cake

blkcks018 500gms/1 kg/2 kg

Round shape black forest cake is simple and will be to everyone's taste. It has tasty chocolate flakes all around it which everyone just loves and also delicious whipped cream. Terms & Conditions

  • Flavour: Black Forest
  • Shape: Round
  • Delivery: Sameday & Midnight
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Rs. 699.00


Round shape black forest cake is simple and will be to everyone's taste. It has tasty chocolate flakes all around it which everyone just loves and also delicious whipped cream.


The history of the black forest cake is pretty undiscovered , yet there are several connotations that resemble the history of these cakes.  The black forest cake is said to have its roots germinated from the land of Germany. The cake gets its unique name from the special liquor of the south western German region. It consists of distilled tart cherries, which provide the distinctive flavour to it. The other connotations claim that the name of this cake is inspired by the traditional costume of the women of the black forest region with a long distinctive hat along with native red pompoms.  Certain other rick ingredients such as Kirschwasser, which is found only in the land of Germany, is supposed to be one of the most important ingredient because it adds the little hint of alcohol to it. The presence of Kirschwasser, whipped in cherries and cream is what makes the taste of this cake stand a class apart from the others. Very little presence of alcohol and suffecient  presence of cherries and cream add to the richness and goodness of this cake.

What Is it made of?

The alluring black forest cake is prepared by combining several layers of chocolate sponge cake, sandwiched with whipped creams and cherries. The inner consistency of the cake isn’t supposed to be very thick but very subtle and overwhelming. Soft in taste and touch, the inside is stuffed with fillings of cherries  Almonds, and other nuts as per need can be added. The outer appearance is decorated with additional whipped cream, maraschino cherries and chocolate shavings. The purpose of adding cherries on top has connections with the history relating to the traditional outfits of women of  the black forest region, resembling the  distinctive pompoms on their dresses. Most of the countries add rum or sour cherries as a substitute to the Kirschwasser cherries because of their  easy unavailability and also because of their high prices. The purpose of adding rum is to maintain the alcoholic taste of the cake which is provided by the Kirschwasser Cherries. However, in India, the black forest cakes are prepared without alcohol . Rich cherry and nuts fillings are substituted to alcohol element.  The sweet and sour taste of the cake is balanced by adding cherries of mixed sorts. However, the special alcohol cakes can be prepared on demand.

From the chef's pen

The basic taste of the black forest cake is sweet and sour and is preferable for people who lack sweet tooth. Ever since the history, the presence of balanced sweet and sour flavours have been a distinctive quality of this cake and is perfect of occasions which are a amalgamation of both happy and sad moments such as farewells and retirements, these cakes are well suited to such occasions.  The presence of overloaded cherries makes this cake very unique but it must be kept in mind that cherries are a very sensitive fruit and do not suit every person. If the cake is prepared with alcoholic elements then it must not be served to younger generations and must be consumed within 24hours for best taste.