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Delightful Fruit Cake

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Topped and layered with pineapple and other seasonal fruits, this delicious cake is a perfect gift for your loved ones on their birthday or any other occasion. Terms & Conditions

  • Flavour: Fruit Cake
  • Shape: Round
  • Delivery: Sameday & Midnight
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Topped and layered with pineapple and other seasonal fruits, this delicious cake is a perfect gift for your loved ones on their birthday or any other occasion.


Fruits are something omnipresent and easily available. Going back to the history of fruit cakes, the idea of combining fruits with bread loaves and other raw materials to form a cake was executed by the people from the Roman times. The dense cake and preserved fruits were thought to withstand the harsh journeys and the riches of fruits and nuts communicated the wealth of consumer and the family’s esteem for the relatives.  During those times, the Middle East flooded with variety of dates,  citrus fruits and nuts that were virtually unknown in the northern Europe until the Crusades. The fruits were dried or candied for travel and when they reached northern Europe, it was shared by mixing them in bread and cakes. Because the fruits came in from a holy land, they were saved and served for feast days particularly for Christmas and Easter and were then served as a holy dish. Later on they used to be mixed with whipped cream and flour and that’s how the concept of fruit cakes came into existence.


During the French reign and early stages of fruit cake production, the fruits were dried and candied and mixed with nuts, spices, sugar and flour to achieve the desired taste. No cream and icings were originally used and the cake was prepared in dry form. With the changes in the bakery world,  the fruit cake got it’s edits done and now the fruit cakes are baked with many layers of soft bread, stuffed with many fruits, namely kiwi, orange, pineapple and all. The inner consistency is pretty thick and stuffed with fresh and dry fruits along with nuts. The outer appearance is decorated with shavings of almonds, peanuts and slices of other fruits. Usually the icing is kept White in colour to highlight the fruits but can be customized as per need. The general taste of the cake is the mixture of all flavours of fruits along with some pinch of sugar, it’s basics ingredients being fruits and flour along with some sugar and icing. Changes in the ingredients can be done as per the availability of seasonal fruits or based on one’s liking. Egg isn’t very prominent factor and isn’t usually added to the cake.

Chef's Insight

Fruit cakes are a recipe from 2000 years ago that had pomegranate seeds , pine nuts and raisins mixed into a cake made out of barley mash. Later in the middle ages, fruit cakes with honey, preserved fruits and spices were popular. Later on, fruit cakes became a traditional wedding cake in England, though they were originated by the romans. The fruit cakes are traditionally given to a newly Wed couple as per the history, but because of its global liking and it is now a days not mandatory to be gifted to newly weds and is bought for almost any random occasion be it birthday or anniversary or what ever.  To maintain the freshness of fruits, the cake must be consumed very soon and must not be exposed to direct heat and light.