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A flower, also known as a bloom or a blossom, is the most widely sent and received gift item in the world. The gifting of flowers is an age old tradition that started in the Roman Empire and has found its way and has lasted till now. They never get old and can be used for any occasion or even just to beautify the surroundings.

Sometimes specific flowers are given on specific occasions or to send out a specific meaning. For example, a yellow rose may symbolize the friendship between two people whereas a red rose symbolizes love and affection between the two. From times immemorial whenever a man went to meet a woman to woo her or to impress her he took with him a bouquet of flowers and this tradition is still followed nowadays as well.

Not just in the western but even in our very own Indian culture flowers have a huge significance as we can even see Lord Vishnu stand on a lotus and even Lord Brahma holds a lotus in his hand as it is said to have a spiritual significance. However, there has been in a change in recent times on the flower gifting tradition as we have seen an increase in many occasions that require the gifting of flowers. Rose day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, promotions, consolations, welcomes are a few examples of such occasions.

With their busy schedules and hectic working hours no one has the time to go to their local florist and take the time to select flowers to gift. Technological advancement has allowed every small item to be sold online and yes, that also includes flowers. Now you can buy/send flowers online with just a click of a button. No more looking at different florists and selecting the freshest possible flower. Now just order online and then sit back and relax for an instant deliver for flowers at your address or why even do that much? Just let us know to whom you need to give them and give us their address and we will deliver them for you while you just wait to answer your phone for a thank you.

Through our portal you can order roses, lilies, carnations, gerberas, mixed combinations of flowers and you can even have them arranged in the shape of a heart or in a basket instead of the traditional bouquet. You can have them sent in a combo with even a stuffed toy, chocolates and now even a cake.

Online flower delivery in India has become very easy and reliable with the option of same day delivery to ensure that the flowers are as fresh as possible. We guarantee on time delivery of the freshest flowers in the most beautiful arrangements you will have ever seen.