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Heart Shape truffle Cake

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A delicious truffle cake handcrafted in heart shape. Send this tempting cake to your love and celebrate their special moment with lots of love and happiness. Terms & Conditions

  • Flavour: Truffle
  • Shape: Heartshape
  • Delivery: Sameday & Midnight
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Rs. 1,349.00


A delicious truffle cake handcrafted in heart shape. Send this tempting cake to your love and celebrate their special moment with lots of love and happiness.

Legacy of the truffle cakes

The truffle cakes have said to be originated in the land of Chambery. The truffles in themselves are a very special innovation because of their unique flavours and exotic textures. The truffles are a true French invention, invented by an expert French baker. The original chocolate truffle was a ball of ganache, combined with chocolate and cream more often flavoured and rolled in cocoa. The truffles have a rich history as they belong to the times of French and were considered a luxury sweet by them. The production of chocolate truffles was very expensive as it required extensive labour and manual efforts. The truffles couldn’t be grown any where but in special conditions only which lead to its high cost and were served on special occasions such a feast or birthday of some king or queen during the French reign.  No changes have occurred in the production of truffles despite the modernisation and the truffle cakes  are still very expensive to consume because they are very scarce to find and no proper substitute has been emerged ever since ages to match the  supreme quality and flavours of the true truffles.


Truffle are a type of chocolate confectionery, coming from a very rich cultural heritage. It belongs to the chocolate family, traditionally prepared with chocolate ganache centre coated in chocolate, cocoa powder or chopped hazelnuts. These are rich in carbohydrates and proxides instant energy when consumed. The truffle cakes are usually soft in taste, chocolate being the highlighted flavour. The inside of the cake is made by 2-3 layers of cake, each coated with a thick layer of chocolate having some pieces of truffles inside as well. The taste and the flavours are top notch and sweet with no hints of sourness. The outer appearance is usually brown or dark brown I’m colour depending upon the quantity of the chocolate used. The truffle cakes look the best in dark brown colours and hence aren’t preferred to be changed much. Talking about the decoration of the cakez it is usually done by chopped almonds or coconuts, with truffles spread on the top usually in spherical, conical or curved shape. Nothing is fixed regarding the design and appearance, everything can be edited and customized as per choice, the taste and flavour of the cake being constant.

Chef's Insight

During the French Era, when the truffles came into existence, dogs and other animals with good sense of smell were used to find the true truffles by their enchanting smell and then men used to dig it up. Truffles are expensive because they are hard to find and even more hard to cultivate. They only grow in very specific kind Of soil which is natively available in the land of Chambery. Therefore, these cakes are perfect for special occasions such as birthdays or any other such happy and special occasion where many people are to gather. It can also to given as a gift to loved ones as a token of love and to spread sweetness.  The social mentions about the truffle cakes are that they must be consumed within a short span of time and not be kept for very long.