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Rose Design Chocolate Birthday Cake

chocks026 500 gms/1 kg/2 kg

This delicious round shape birthday cake is a perfect way to celebrate the special day of your loved ones. Terms & Conditions

  • Flavour: Chocolate
  • Shape: Round
  • Delivery: Sameday & Midnight
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Rs. 745.00


This delicious round shape birthday cake is a perfect way to celebrate the special day of your loved ones.

The Beginning:

The history of chocolate cakes takes us back to the historic ages , during the times of mid seventies when a learned baker newly discovered how to prepare chocolate by grinding cocoa beans between two massive circular millstones. This was a time and energy consuming process that lead to the lovely creation of chocolates. With the advancements, the process transformed chocolate from an exclusive luxury snack to an inexpensive daily snack. Until many ages, chocolates were considered as an article of snob appeal and was purchased by the rich and efficient class of the society. The chocolate cakes have the connection to the second World War as well. The American cooks began to add chocolate to the cake butter and that was how the first ever chocolate cake was brought into existence. However, the production was stopped during the economical crisis and heavy downfall of the economy that occurred during the second world war.  Nevertheless, when the economy gained it’s stability back, the chocolate cakes were not only produced again, in larger quantities but also the raw materials were exported to various other parts of the world.


Unlike all other cakes of the world, the chocolate cake has the sole capacity to stand out amongst the rest not only because of its ingredients but  also because of its rich heritage. The basic constituents of this cake are eggs, sugar, flour, unsweetened cocoa powder and butter. The inside of the cake is as fluffy as cotton and with just one bite it melts inside the mouth and tastes like heaven. The presence of sugar makes sweet one of the prominent flavour of the cake whereas the unsweetened cocoa powder balances out the sweetness. Talking about the consistency of the cake, it is very light and fluffy. The inside of the cake is prepared with one or two layers of soft bread, whipped in cream and chocolate. Necessary fillings of chocolates and other sweet items can be done to satisfy the desire of one’s sweet tooth. The outer appearance of the cake is usually brown in colour, iced with gems and other decorative items.  The internal layers of the cake can be customised as per need and so can the outer appearance be done.

What the chef has to say:

Considering the rich background of the emergence of chocolate cakes, these cakes are perfect for formal occasions such as birthday celebrations in office and at other work places. Keeping in mind the love of children towards chocolates, these cakes can also be ordered as a birthday cake. Chocolate has emerged out to be the greatest stress buster of all times, therefore it can also to taken as a token of good luck to students or collages who are to appear for exams or who may be facing general anxiety issues to help them recover. Chocolate cakes are enriched with goodness of eggs and butter that helps one gain good health and can be undoubtedly served to people of all age groups. Keeping in mind the durability of the product, it is recommended to refrigerate the product as soon as possible after the purchase and to consume it within 24 hours.