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Special Round Pineapple Cake

pnpcks010 500 gms/1 kg/2 kg

Very beautifully decorated round shape pineapple cake is simply delicious and will delight your taste buds and make the occasion even more special. Terms & Conditions

  • Flavour: Pineapple
  • Shape: Round
  • Delivery: Sameday & Midnight
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Rs. 735.00


Very beautifully decorated round shape pineapple cake is simply delicious and will delight your taste buds and make the occasion even more special. 


Pineapple is native to the land of Taiwanese and pineapple cakes are popularly known as Fengli  Su by them . The pineapples became a critical component of their economy during the Japanese Era but when the pineapple production shifted from the land of Taiwan towards domestic sales and use Of fresh pineapples then the local bakeries sought to use this surplus in the manufacturing of cakes, pastries and puddings and that’s how the pineapple cake came into existence.  The pineapple cakes are the top selling souvenirs in Taiwan. With the growing time, pineapple cake gained it’s popularity across the globe because of its unique taste, governmental promotions  and it’s special texture. The flavours of this cake aren’t very loud neither very subtle that makes the pineapple cake stand out amidst the various others choices available. It’s perfect blend of sweet and sour flavours makes it all the more  uniquely appealing and is demanded amongst the health conscious and young generations.


The main ingredients of the pineapple cake are butter, eggs, flour, sugar and pineapple jam. The cake is baked in 3-5 layers of bread and whipped cream filled with various fruit and nuts, pineapple being the main constituent. The consistency of the cake Isn’t very thick or very pale that help every flavour of the cake to stand out and make it taste even better . The general taste of the cake isn’t very sweet but very subtle and balanced .  The consistency of this cake Isnt very thick but fluffy and dewy in touch and taste . Every flavour of the cake issure to hit your taste buds leaving you wanting for more and more. The flavours leave an everlasting effect on your taste buds because of their special constituents and the special techniques used in preparations . The outer appearance of the cake is usually white whipped cream decorated with slices of pineapple and cherries and nuts along with chocolate shavings but can be customized as per need. Eggless cakes can also be prepared on special orders.

Chef’s Word

Considering the taste of pineapple, which is equally sweet and sour, is exactly what is tries to convey at the occasion. Down the history lane, pineapple cakes are taken along to  any occasion to signify good luck, prosperous living and strength.  They can be taken along as a perfect token of love to ceremonies that mark the beginning of a new era in someone’s life. Events such as first birthday, engagements,  anniversaries are meant to be celebrated with a pineapple cake. It is a mixture of sweet and sour flavours  of pineapple and other nuts whipped in sugar and cream that signifies the hardships and the good times that one will have to face in their new journey ahead. To make the most use of your money and to experience the true luxurious and authentic flavours of the  pineapple cake, it is advisable to refrigerate the product within 20minutesof purchase and consume it within 24 hours.